Health benefits of Thalik Keerai/Ipomoea sepiaria

Thalik keerai or Purple heart glory


Thalik Keerai belongs to Convolvulaceae (Morning glory family).  Hanumaan vel, manjika and banalakshmi are the names called in Ayurveda and it grows in all the parts of India.  The properties of this plant are antidote, arsenic, obstruent, hypotensive, diuretic, uterine tonic.  It has a power of killing toxic substances stored inside the body parts.  Narunthali keerai is used as shampoo by pressing the leaves and applying directly on to the scalp.  It has natural lathering power when water is poured on to it.  It cleanse and washes the hair like shampoo.  The plant grows along the side of water bodies with purple heart flowers along the sides can be found through out the year.

Other Languages

Botanical name: Ipomoea marginata 
 English : Purple Heart Glory, Hedge bind-weed
Hindi: ban kalmi
Tamil: mancikai, manjikam,  naru-n-tali,  puttra-janani, tali
Malayalam:  thiruthali   
Telugu:  lakshamana, putititige
 Kannada:  lakshamana
Bengali:  ban kalami
Oriya: mushakani
 Konkani: amti-vel
 Gujarati: hanuman-vel
Sanskrit: asrabinducchada,  lakshamana, manjika, nagaputri, nagini, putrada, putrajanani, putrakanda, tulini


Nerves weakness

Grind the dates with thalik keerai leaves and mix it with one glass of milk.  This remedy helps in strengthening the weaker nerves and promotes normal function of the nervous system.

Cures kidney alignment and piles

The dangerous effects of piles or difficult stages of piles can be cured by cooking this variety.  It has a healing power of piles related diseases.  Kidneys are the main parts that flushes the toxic substances stored in the body.  To enhance this function, thalik keerai gives more nutritients to perform this regular task in a proper way.

Enhances vision and cures eye defects

It has a power of reducing the impact of red eyes, burning sensation, and reduces the effects of both blindness and increases the clear vision.

Strengthen brain function and purifies blood

It kills the toxic content stored in the blood and other body parts thereby it enhances the function of heart, brain and kidneys.  The purified blood supplies more oxygen to the brain.  It regulates blood circulation.

Nerves and body strength

The leaves of this variety can be grinded and taken as a medicine to cure gut ulcer, boils and skin allergy.

Sweet Stimulant tonic

A hand full of this leaves with dates should be grinded and eaten in a glass of milk for ten days to heal the lazyness.  

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