Health benefits of Fenugreek leaves/Venthiya Keerai


                           HEALTH BENEFITS OF FENUGREEK LEAVES


As every one knows that fenugreek leaves are grown from fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek leaves has many medicinal properties that helps to cure many diseases. In this blog, the detailed priceless information about both fenugreek and fenugreek leaves are explained. In Ayurveda, most important ingrediant that plays vital role in curing many diseases is fenugreek or venthiyam. Fenugreek leaves are considered as the best medicine for easy digestion and boosts the energy to finish the work faster. In other words, it helps to reduce laziness.


Bengali                     Mēthi pātā
Chinese                    Hú lú ba yè
French                      feuilles de fenugrec
Gujarati                    Mēthīnā pāndaā
Marati                      Mēthī pānē
Punjabi                     Fenugreek patē
Russian                     pazhitnika list'ya
Telugu                      Menti ākulanu

Botanical Name        Trigonella foenum-graecum


Water content                            86%
Fat                                             0.9%
Calories                                      49
Vitamin C                                   52 Mg
Phosphorus                                50 Mg
Calcium                                      400 Mg
Iron                                            16 Mg
Maavu sathu (Starch)                  6 %
Thathu porul (Fiber mineral)        1.5 %
Fiber                                           1.1 %


Trigonella foenum-graecum acts as a refrigerant i.e it reduces the body heat and prevents the diseases that are caused by inflammation.  It improves libido in men and as well as in women.

To cure heavy cough, take small amount of fenugreek leaves and half teaspoon of cumin seeds (seeragam)  with 10 dry grapes.  Allow the mixture to be boiled till the leaves are fully cooked.  Filter the mixture and drink the essence to get quick relief.

Fenugreek leaves with basil or oomam helps to cure gastric trouble.
To cure constipation, add basil, little amount of fenugreek leaves and neelavarai (Tamil) leaves and grind it.  Pea amount of this paste can be taken during the night time for best cure of this common problem.

Body heat is the main cause of some diseases.  To reduce body heat, many suggestions are available online but , some of the best remedies works wonders.  One of the best remedy is grind fenugreek leaves, salt and garlic.  Add this paste in your diet to increase cool temperature.

For diabetes as well as to strengthen your immunity, take 2 grams paste of fenugreek leaves, velva shell and pomegranate shell in equal quantities.  Make the paste dry and take this powder during the morning and evening time.

Fenugreek leaves has some special properties that distinguishes from other variety of spinach.  It acts as laxative, aphrodisiac, diuretic, refrigerant and tonic.

Another remedy for constipation is to grind green chilli, coriander and fenugreek leaves together.  Add this paste and make it in the form of Chutney.  Use the dish as a Side dish for break fast items and get quick relief from this problem.

Crash some black lentil or white lentil with venthiya keerai and make it in the form of tincture or kaashayam.  Leave the syrup for few minutes and drink it.  The best medicine to relieve from stomach ulcer.

Take small amount of both plaintain flower and pepper.  Mix it with this spinach variety and have it in any form.  Most preferably tincture for good medicinal effect.  It helps to heal skin problems and purifies blood.

For all types of urine related problems use Cummin seeds and this spinach.  Mix both the ingredient with your diet for better improvement from this sickness.

These leaves has a magical power of healing gastric trouble, phlegm, chest pain, cough, and piles.

For strong health, take the poppy seeds, ghee, sugar, milk and broken wheat with the leaves and make a good dish.  This will result in strong and disease free health.

To cure back pain, Make a gravy dish with egg, ghee and coconut milk with these leaves.  This will help you to get rid of back pain.

Boil the venthiya keerai and toss it by adding butter on a pan.  It will heal giddiness and maintain normal body temperature.

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