Health benefits of Musumusukai/ Madras pea pumpkin/Mukia maderaspatana


A leaf that has a potential of smashing the cold related symptoms like sore throat, Cough, irritative cough, spasm, common cold and asthma.  In villages, these leaves are mixed with other herbs and made in the form of concoction.  This drink is given to cold affected person for instant relief.  It is a tropical annual growing plant that grows 50 cm in height. The roots, seeds and leaves are the edible parts.  The flowers are Yellow in colour and it spreads around thorned bushes. The properties of this plant are Astringent, Expectorant, vata, pitham, Adaptogenic, anti oxidant, pungent, sweet, anti inflammatory, hypoglycaemic, antispasmodic, anti pyritic, hepato protective components are present.


Botanical name: Mukia Scabrella, Mukia Maderasparana.
English: Pointed gourd, Madras Pea Pumpkin, rough bryony, Bristly bryony.
Hindi.  : Paripushkara, musmusa, palwal, parwar, bilari.
Bengali. : Patol.
Telugu. : nugudosa, Nugu dasari.
Malayalam :  Amirtapalai, Kattu-potol.
Sanskrit.   : Kulaka, Karkasa.


The following chemical and other nutritional components like Tinosporidine, flavonoids, alkaloids, amino acid, beta sitosterol, Columbin, are helpful in making these leaves more special and essential in adding on the plate in individual favourite recipes.


A small quantity of pointed gourd, a pinch of turmeric with four or five garlic is added with water till it comes to the form of concoction.  Drink it, if you have sore throat due to cold.

A diabetic people are suggested to add these leaves to maintain normal glycemic index.

The health of the liver is maintained with the help of nutritional components.

A regular intake of Nugu dasari helps in getting relief from  continues cough.

Adding grinded fenugreek seeds with Patol increases strength and stamina in both genders.

To control Vomiting, add dry grapes in the juice of musumusukai.  It is a common medicine followed in interior of TamilNadu.

For bile related diseases, grind the Amla fruit with this plant and eat it for getting healing from bile problems.

The dried Madras pea Pumpkin  mixed with licorice are dried under the sun and grinded in the form of powder.  A 2 grams of this powder with honey is more than enough to get rid of cough and irritative cough.

Phelgm, cold and cold linked illnesses are healed when 3 leaves of karkasa, 3 pepper are crushed and eaten.

Another Asthma cure remedy is, in the juice of musumusukai allow the long pepper to be soaked for few hours, dry under the mild rays of Sun and powder it.  Take 2 grams of powder with honey on the betal leaf.  Chew with powder and honey placed inside the leaf.

To Control blood pressure, Dip the cumin seeds in the juice of pointed gourd.  After few hours, make it in the form of powder.  Take two to three pinches of this powder in the morning and evening for normal blood pressure.

It also works as a medicine for constipation, body ache, simple toxins, chest disorders, ulcer, neuralgia, vertigo, back pain, burning sensation, gastritis and dypsia.

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