Health benefits of Amman pacharusi keerai/Snake weed/Euphorbia pilulifera

Snake weed are used to treat asthma, respiratory problems, blood purification, body strength, cures long time wounds,  etc. It is a pantropical hairy herb that grows on the paths and roadsides. The whitish and red color leafy plant that grows on mashy and water bedded areas like, Wells, moisture land etc.  It belongs to the garlic species family.  There are two varieties of weeds in this plant and that posses the same health benefits.  The two varieties are big snake weed and small snake weed which has white and red in color.  The milk oozes from this variety are used for medicinal purposes.  The properties of this plant are Astringent, Laxative, tonic, NUTRITION with high calcium and refrigerant.


Botanical name - Euphorbia hirta, Euphorbia pilulifera.
Tamil: Ammaan Pachcharisi
English - garden  spurge, Snake weed, pill-bearing spurge, asthma plant, hairy spurge, pillpod sandman 
Gujarati: dudeli
Sanskrit - Dugdhika
Hindi: dudhi, baridhudi, dudh ghas
Telugu - Reddine narolu,  reddivari nanabalu
Malayalam - Nela paalai.


Body heat and constipation

Take the leaves of Amman Pachaarrusi with garlic and small onions.  Mix the ingredients and fry it, to form a chutney.  Eat this with main dish to reduce the risk of constipation and make your body temperature cool for long time.

Swelling and boils

Grind the leaves of euphoria hirta and apply it on the affected area for five days for quick recovery.

Mouth and stomach ulcer, dry lips

Add moong dhal with garden spurge and fry it after adding ghee in it.  This remedy helps in treating the above disease.

The milk of this weed has a medicinal properties of healing tongue, mouth and dry lips.

Black skin leasing, warts

The best remedy to clean black skin leasing is applying the milk on the affected skin and leave it for few min and then wash it.  Follow this procedure till the cure occurs.

Mother's milk secretion

Place a cow's milk mixed with cleaned  flowers and grins it.  Add small quantity of this mixture with milk and drink it during the morning for 18 days.This result fills baby stomach with huge amount of mother's milk.  

Leucorrhoea, healthy female reproductive organs and fertility.

Blend the leaves paste with butter milk for leucorrhoea cure.  The regular intake of these leaves strengthen both male and female reproductive organs thereby it heals the problems caused by infertility.

For males: Stone breaker leaves and euphorbia pilulifera leaves should be taken in equal quantities and grind it.  Mix with milk and drink it during the morning and Eve for 21 days to stop reproductive organ problems.

Blood purification, Constipation and vadha diseases.

Three leaves of neem, pepper and this herb are grinded and eaten in the early morning for blood purification process.

To reduce constipation, grind the leaves and add it in your diet.

Use the pasted leaves in a lemon sized quantity and take it for vadha diseases.

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