Health benefits of Thandu keerai / Amaranthus Caudatus / FoxTail Amaranth

Thandu keerai has other common names like tassel flower, quilete, love-lies-bleeding, pendant amaranth, velvet flower.  This is the annual flowering plant species which is suitable for any habitat and it grows above 3ft to below 8ft height.  The healthy plants always require full sun.  There are many varieties in this species where every variety is handled in unique way for best growth.  Mostly, it is planted in indoors during spring in temperate regions and taken to the outdoors after the completion of frost. 

All over the world, people always prefer to take foods that are tasty and healthy.  Spinach is one of the dish that contributes taste and many nutrition that results in strong body.  In India, people are compelled to eat any one of the spinach variety during festivals.  Like wise, Thandu keerai or Amaranthus caudatus are used in mid July to make a special dish called as thandu keerai kolumbu for Hindu goddess.  The thick, tasty and juicy stems adds more flavor to the dish and it is more suitable for cooking this delicious spinach variety.    If you want to be brisk, active and healthy all the time then take this variety for long life with good hair, skin and immunity power.

Olden days, women were so stronger to do any kind of tough work.  They eat any one of the spinach variety to boost their blood circulation, immunity level, active body parts to live a effortless life.  The clear examples are our grand parents.  If you ask them about their food habits, they will surely say that they ate lot of different verity of greens that are easily available either in the market at lower price or they pluck it from the garden.  Now, there is no land to have garden or scarcity of spinach varieties.  The fox tail amaranth is available in red leaves and green leaves.  Red leaves are suitable for dishes that require less amount of salt whereas green leaves has comparatively high amount of salt content that results in different taste.


Usually, Greens has the following properties like low in fat content, rich in protein, very less amount of calories and abundant quantities of vitamins and minerals.   They are rich in iron content and anti oxidants.  The bright colored vegetables and spinach varieties are usually rich in anti oxidants.  The minerals that are present in fox tail amaranth are calcium, potassium and less amount of other minerals.  Lutein (Photochemical), beta carotene and lipoic acid contributes required health values to the humans.   Dietary fiber, vitamins like A,B1, C, B2 and B6 are packed in this variety.

 Amaranthus gangeticus or Thandu keerai

Whenever you want your body to be strong and shinny think of Amaranthus gangeticus. This variety is mostly consumed during the August in Chennai.  It has calcium, Phosphorus,  Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, protein, fat, fibre. All these nutritients has a power of preventing old age symptoms at younger age.  It reduces body heat urine problems.  Abandant intake of amaranthus gangeticus leads to gasteric trouble.  Diureticve, refrigerant are the medicinal properties of thandu keerai.  Matured Spinach variety gives relief from constipation.  It prevents all these diseases caused by inflammation.   It strengthen kidneys.

Other Languages

Sanskrit: Mariro
Telugu: Kamulu
Tamil: Thandukeerai
Marathi: Tambda math
English: Red amaranthus
Malayalam: Chomanachitra
Kannada: Dantu
Hindi: Lal-sag 

Medicinal benefits
Reduces Inflammation and Cholesterol

Red Amaranth is mixed with cummin seeds and turmeric to make a concotion.  This concotion helps in reducing the severe causes of inflammation.  

To maintain a normal cholesterol levels in the blood, pepper and turmeric is mixed with the juice of red Amaranth to make a concotion.  A cup of this soup reduces bad cholesterol or LDL and maintain a good Cholesterol levels in the blood.

Heals skin rashes, skin irritation, blood purification and nervous weakness

To build a strong and healthy nervous system, add Urad dhal, turmeric with thandu keerai to prepare a concotion.  This concotion gives all the minerals and Vitamins that improves the function of nervous system.

It is important to purify the blood that circulates all over the body, take coconut milk, turmeric, pepper and red Amaranth in a plate.  In a vessel, boil all the ingredients and finally add coconut milk.  This delicious soup supplies nutritients that purifies blood as well as produces blood in the blood.  It strengthen the body and protects skin from rashes, irritation and skin redness.

 Body heat and white discharge

Thuthi leaves and rad stemed lal sag are boiled and prepared in the form of concotion.  This concotion removed the causes of both body heat or Inflammation and white discharge in women.

A remedy for all eye related problems

Take the juice of this Spinach with amla juice and boil it after adding honey to room temperature. The juice and honey quantity should be the same.  Drink this sweet juice two spoons daily to get powerful Vision and relief from all kinds of eye related diseases.  People who wears spectacles can throw it out after drinking this two tsp of this juice.

Cures piles and herrmoids

To get rapid healing from piles, blood piles and herrmoids, add cummin seeds with thuthi leaves and thandu keerai in a boiling water and prepare a concotion.  Drink this soup to recover from the above diseases.

Another remedy is fenugreek seeds with cummin seeds and red Amaranth gives a amazing medinal value to the wounds caused by piles.  It supplies essential nutritients that heals the piles problems.

Body irritation

Moong dhal and garlic had a power of reducing the burning sensation all over the body.  When it is mixed with Amaranthus gangeticus it adds more medicinal effect the cures the body irritation.

Bladder related diseases and urine tract infection

Barley has a special nutritients that passes urine without any pain if it is taken in a diet.  Added to barley, cummin seeds, turmeric and Amaranthus gangeticus are boiled.  Filter the water and separate the extract.  Cummin seeds helps to make the body parts to function normally and turmeric kills the harmful toxins.  All these ingredients co operate together to improve the bladder and urine system function.


Fiber                                                      1.1 %
Fat                                                         0.5 %    
Calories                                                   45
Water content                                       85.6 %  
Protein                                                    4 %        
Calcium                                                400 Mg
Phosphorus                                           85 Mg
Iron                                                      25 Mg
Vitamin C                                             98 Mg
B complex                                              less
Minerals                                                2.7 %


The proteins available in plants makes the digestive system happy because it requires less energy to digest the proteins and it can be easily observed by the human body without any conversion.

Diabetic patients require more amount of dietary fiber to lower the sugar levels and helps in quick digestion.  So, doctors recommend this variety for normal sugar levels.  Dietary fiber’s activity is make the digestion faster without any complication.

People who are focused  to maintain their cholesterol levels should take thandu keerai.  It helps to lower the cholesterol levels in the body and promoted good cholesterol levels.  This activity prevents heart related diseases and heart attack. 

Iron content prevents anemia in children and adults.  People who are suffering from anemia can take fox tail amaranth to get rid of anemia. 

Potassium promotes good heart functions, normal body growth, protects from kidney and lung failure.  It maintains the water content between the body fluids and body cells.

Premature grey hair, miscarriages and ovarian cancer are prevented when thandu keerai are used in weekly diet. 

Pregnant woman needs more stamina to give normal growth to the child. So, the elderly people advice them to eat this variety for health growth of child and mother’s health.   

Beta carotene is required to have a clear vision.  Eyes need beta carotene to prevent from cataracts and other eye related diseases.   

If you find white spots on your finger nails, and wonder why is it there for long time? , it is because of less zinc content in your body.  Zinc is present in fox tail amaranth to get rid of this symptom.  Quick healing and high immunity levels are the signs of normal level of zinc in the body.

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