Health benefits of Vadhanarayanan keerai / Delonix elata / White Gulmohar

White gulmohar or Vadanarayanan keerai belongs to tree category. The ayurvedic and medicinal values in this variety is uncountable.  The leaves of the tree is small and thin which is closely grown on the sides of the small thin stem. The bitter taste variety has a power of healing joint pain and arthritis. 

Other languages    

English : White Gulmohar, White Poincian 
Tamil: Perungondrai, Vadanarayanan
Hindi: Waykaran, Samrsro, Sanesro, Sandeshra
Marathi: sanchaila, sankasura
Kannada: kempukenjiga, nirangi, vatanarayana
Sanskrit: सिद्धेश्वर Siddhesvara Varatti 
Telugu: Chinna seribiseri, Chitti keshwaramu

Medicinal uses 

There are many types of paralysis attack and some can be curable by adding white gulmohar in the diet with garlic and asafoetida. Fry garlic and asafoetida in custor oil with this spinach and eat it for good cure from various paralysis attack.  

To cure heart related diseases, add dry ginger, cumin seeds and basil with this spinach variety and cook a delicious dish that tempts family members to have a bite for a healthy heart.

White poincian with garlic gives a big relief from all the gastric problems and stomach related diseases.

Those who are suffering from knee pain, joint pain and neck pain, try the juice of vadanarayanan keerai for once or twice a week.

It belongs to tree variety which has bitter taste leaves that heal some common diseases.  It gives a healthy tummy that free from toxins and promotes healthy digestion.  

White gulmohar increases body heat.  Mix the juice of this variety with castor oil and heat it.  Filter the contents and drink ½ tsp for dysentery.  This process flushes out toxins and makes your tummy feel light.  

It reduces swelling and wounds by extracting the juice of the leaves and mix it with castor oil.  Apply it on the affected area and leave it for few minutes.  This will gradually reduces the wound or swelling.

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