Health benefits of Purple-fruited pea eggplant/Thuduvelai

Thai cultivated night shade or Thuduvelai 
Many people in India and all over the world is not aware of purple-fruited pea eggplant or thuduvelai, most beneficial and magnificent plant. It has all the medicinal values that are not present in some varieties of spinach. Thuduvelai scientific name is solanum trilobatum. Thuduvelai has thorns and creepy to look. The fruits of the thuduvelai are very small but it has some contributions towards human body. The leaves of thuduvelai is used for cooking in common. Every part of the palnt is used for different medicinal purposes. It has anti bacterial , anti fungal and anti microbial properties. The unknown health benefits of thuduvelai is mentioned below for you to get the best out of this eggplant.


Fiber                                                                      2.3 g
Sugar                                                                     4.6 g
Calcium                                                                334 Mg
Fat                                                                         0.7 g
Calories                                                                40
Water content                                                      84.7
Protein                                                               3.9 g
Mineral Salts                                                      3.8 g
Iron                                                                    5.0 Mg
Phosphorus                                                         52 Mg


  •  Thuduvelai has a power of expanding the life span of humans. Thuduvelai is the best medicine for Asthma and respiratory disorders. The best medicine to get faster relief from cough and cold. The taste of purple fruited pea egg plant is not so good but it depends upon the person who makes the food so delicious using this thuduvelai.

  • The leaves of the thuduvelai is a energy booster and acts as a stimulant. Thuduvelai makes males strong enough against the harmful diseases. It promotes the immune power of the body. The body tissues are repaired and activated when thuduvelai gets into the body.

  • As mentioned earlier, it relieves cold and cough. Like wise, the congestions that are caused by cold are also relieved. The nose, chest and head congestions that are caused by cold are released after taking purple fruited pea eggplant.

  • Thuduvelai helps to improve brain functions, nerve strength and functions, promotes digestive system function and cures diseases that are related to digestive system. The memory power will be increased because of the active nerve functions. Naturally, spinach is good for skin and that thuduvelai is a medicine that cures skin diseases.

  • Purple fruited pea egg plant fruit is effective for all the diseases that caused by water and air. The thuduvelai leaves helps to reduce the heat and gas related disorders. Thuduvelai rasam or salad gives the whole benefit of the leaves. Instead of putting the thuduvelai under many cooking processes.

  • It helps to produce blood and increase the blood circulation. The illness caused by blood thickening are prevented when a person takes thuduvelai at least once in a week.

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