Health benefits of Thavasi keerai/Chekkurmanis/multivitamin spinach.

Thavasi keerai/Chekkurmanis/multivitamin spinach.

Nutrition values

Thiamine.                       0.48 mg
Riboflavin.                      0.32 mg
Vitamin C.                       246 mg
Carotene.                        3700 mg
Niacin.                             2.6 mg
Calcium.                          570 mg
Phosphorus.                   200 mg
Calories.                            52 mg
Iron.                                  28 mg
Protein.                             6.8 g
Fat.                                    3.2 g
Fibre.                                  1.4 g
Carbohydrates.                 11.6 g

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Thavasi keerai tastes like a sweet Vitamin tonic.  In villages, they ate the raw spinach to get necessary vitamins.  It prodeces more blood and prevents anemia.  It posses all the vitamins and minerals that helps in maintaining a healthy body.  The properties are Stimulant, strength.  Malaysia is the native place of sweet spinach.

Body growth and calcium power.

Healthy body growth is the main objective of this Spinach.  It strengthen body bones, teeth, and Increases calcium content in the body.  In older people, the dangerous effects of calcium deficiency like low density of joints and tooth problems are prevented.

In order to improve the body mass index, large amount of protein is required.  The enriched amount of protein builds strong muscles and nerves.

Multi vitamin, Sharp vision and anemia

As it can be eaten raw like basil Leaves, it has all the vitamins that protects eyes from night blindness, produces blood cells, and prevents skin allergy.

Helps in mother's milk secretion, soft shinny skin

It is a recommended spinach for new born mother for mother milk secretion.  Vitamin C content raises the health of the skin by adding more color, shine and soft texture.

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