Health benefits of Spring onions/ Allium cepa

Spring onions or Allium cepa

The leaves of onions is what is called as spring onions.  It is mainly used for garnish purposes.  The medicinal values of these leaves are Diuretic, Stimulant, Expectorant, Aphrodisiac, and Emmenagogue.  The following diseases are healed when this variety is added in the dishes.  It has healing powers in curing  inflammation, tongue ulcer, Piles, herrmoids, Stomach burning, bile, periods or menstruation problems, unsatisfied thirst, tuberculosis, gut ulcer, Obesity due to body heat, thyroid, Kidney illness, skin allergy and itching.


Thirsty satisfier and appetizer

In a bowl, cut the spring onions and ginger.  Grind both the ingredients and eat it.  It is the most toughest task to eat but, it is the best appetizer.  Kids will be in the kitchen to get something to eat to satisfy their hunger.

Thirsty is a big problem in some people.  They keep on drinking some juices and water to make their throat free from dryness.  It is a bit irritating one to drink and visit restroom all the time.  Here is a remedy to stop this process.  Cummin seeds, fennel seeds and Allium cepa are grinded together and make a concotion.  This concotion will satisfy your thirsty.

Body heat and blood piles

To reduce body heat, grind the spring onions and make a paste.  In that, mix the fenugreek seeds powder and dry it under the sun.  Take one tsp of this powder every day to reduce inflammation causes.

Killing disease is blood piles where people are suffering from this disease are tend to cry during the nature calls.   To avoid that mix fenugreek seeds, poduthalai and spring onions in a mixer.  Eat the paste for few days to get rid of this disease.

Cold, cough and asthma remedy
Take long pepper and powder it.  Mix the powder with spring onions paste and dry it.  Take 0.5 g of this powder with honey.  Drink this tasty one to cure asthma, cold and cough.

For irregular periods, mix spring onions juice with black til and black cummin seeds and dry it.  Powder the mixture and take 1 tsp of this powder during the morning and evening for permanent cure.

Gut and mouth ulcer

Thuthi leaves, spring onions are combined and grind it.  Add turmeric powder with this paste.  Even though it is difficult to eat, It is the best medicine for ulcer.

Urine problems

Take 1 tsp of barley and powder it.  In a boiling water add spring onions and this powder and boil it.  Drink the concotion to get rid of common urine problems.

Menstruation problems

Women bigger problem is irregular periods and pain during that time make them so tired and painful.  To avoid this, black til, black cummin seeds are mixed with the juice of spring onions and dry it.  Take 1 tsp of this powder for three days to observe the miracle of regular painless menstruation.

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