Health benefits of seasonal spinach varieties

Spinach varieties taken during summer

August tree leaves or Agathi keerai ( twice a month )
Fenugreek leaves
Manathakkali keerai or black night shade
Pasalai keerai or Indian spinach
Mulai keerai or purple amarnath
Keezhaneli keerai or stone breaker
Karisalangani or false daisy
Aarai keerai
Valarai keerai or brahmi Leaves
Chakaravarthi keerai or fat hen

Spinach varieties recommended for whole year

Drumstick leaves
Arai keerai or spleen amaranth
Ponnakanni keerai or dwarf copper leaf
Pullicha keerai or brown Indian hemp
Valarai keerai
Add grinded coconut and pepper with this variety for good health and taste.

Spinach for body Organ strength

Drumstick leaves and brahmi leaves for Brain
Curry leaves, lanjamundan or and mudukathan or ballon vine for bone joints.
Thuthuvelai, Pullicha keerai, and fenugreek leaves to increase the power of nervous system.
For healthy skin, paruppu keerai or common pursulane and sukkang keerai or bladder dock are most useful ones.
To protect eyes from vision problems, add ponnakanni, coriander, curry leaves and drumstick leaves.
Kezhaneli and kariselankanni enhances interstatine health.
To maintain healthy relationship, brahmi leaves, Pullicha keerai, thuthuvelai, drumstick leaves, arai keerai, pasalai keerai are more useful.

Spinach for Children

Mukkaratai keerai or pigweed
Karpuravalli or curry leaves
Valarai or asiatic pennywort
Thuthuvelai or Thai night shade
Arai keerai
Drumstick leaves

Children always hate greens.  To add more taste to these varieties, ghee, potato, toor dhal and carrot are the best ingredients.

Spinach for senior citizens

Fenugreek leaves
Manathakkali keerai
Arai keerai
Curry leaves
Coriander leaves.

Say NO to spinach 

People who are suffering from the following symptoms, diseases and infection are advised to avoid some types of spinach for a particular period.

Bile and kidney stones

Frequent dysentery and diarrhea

Remedy for heart patients

Add humming bird tree flowers with turmeric and garlic.  Fry these items in gingelly oil.  Try this gravy with hot rice during the lunch time. Avoid drumstick Leaves.
During Stomach pain, avoid green chilli, mint and coriander in the spinach dishes for quick healing.

Red Amaranthus (Amaranthus Tricolor)

The enriched amount of anti oxidant in amaranthus frivolity helps to protect body from harmful disease. people who are interested in reducing body weight can add this variety in their diet.

Ceylon Pasalai (Basella Alba)

This is a kind of spinach where every diabetic person should have it. Because it has rich in dietic fiber.

Siru Keerai (Amaranthus Polygonoides)

Women who are suffering from anemia and persons with iron deficiency are recommended to have Siru keerai.


This spinach variety makes the muscles stronger.

Kodi pasalai

It prevents water dysentery.

Manjal karisalai

The good cure for jaundice and it prevents any complication related to liver.

Kuppai keerai

Swelling can be healed rapidly

Arai Keerai (Amaranthus Dubius)

The RBC count in blood can be raised rapidly by arai keerai. The digestive protein is higher than any spinach variety.

Puliyang keerai

Most of the diseases linked to eyes are cured after taking this variety.  One of the best remedy for anemia is to add puliang keerai in the diet.


It prevents water dysentery.


Bile, phlegm are common diseases that are prevented by paratai or kale.

Ponnanganni (Alternanthera Sessilis)

It prevents the causes of chronic liver alignment. People with high blood pressure are suggested to have this variety. The best medical herb that cures gastro intestinal disorders. It helps in blood circulation and removes blood clots.

Sukka Keerai

Fights against blood pressure and piles.


A wonderful medicine for Anemia and memory power.


Reduces sugar levels that results in  eyes and body strength.

Vellai Karisalai (Eclipta Alba)

It prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. It improves memory power, eye sight, makes teeth and bones more strong.


As the name represent that it cures dandruff.  It destroys the causes of getting piles and acts as a medicine. It cures dysentery.


Gastric trouble and ortho problems can be healed.


Indigestion,  blood purification are the main roles of pudina.


It maintain healthy skin by vanishing Skin related problems.


People will search for this variety to heel the person suffering from poisoning bites.


It energizes the body by removing lazy and tired feeling.

Mullangi keerai

Urine problem is cured by having this variety.

Paruppu keerai

Reduces body heat and prevents bile.

Pulicha keerai

Strengthen liver, promotes libido in men and cures night blindness.

Kalyana murungai

It has the chemical compounds that controls Cough and cold.

Chakravarthy Keerai (Chenopodium Album)

The power to heal all types of stomach ulcers.


Phlegm is prevented


Mouth ulcer and stomach ulcer, white patches on the skin are healed after taking this spinach.

Mulai keerai

Increases appetite and strengthen the nerves.


The powerful medicine for different types of skin diseases. Cold can be prevented if Thuthuvelai is present on the plate. It has anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties that works against the causes of asthma and tuberculosis,


It helps to get rid of cough.


New mothers have this variety in any form in their diet to feed the new born without any trouble.

It is used as a medicine in villages to get instant relief from wounds and sprain.

Veluzhuthu keerai

People who are suffering from loss of appetite are advised to take this varity of spinch.

Kodi kasini

It reduces bile.

Thuelik keerai

It reduces stretch marks.


Stomach ulcer and mouth ulcer can be prevented, if this variety of spinach is taken at weekly basis.

Kara kotik keerai

One of the effective herbal medicine to reduce the causes of piles and it's used to cure dysentery.

Mukku thatai

As the name suggests, the main function of this spinach is to reduce cold.

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