Health benefits of Siru keerai/Amaranthus tricolor /Tropical Amarnath


The unique and magnificent properties that are present  in amaranthus tricolor has a power of curing many rare diseases and diseases that has no cure in English medicines.  It has iron and calcium in abundant quantity.  It increases memory power if it’s taken in a daily diet.  It excretes the unwanted materials and protects the body form dangerous diseases.  The person who is suffering from the final or critical stage of  phthisis are recommended by siddha doctors to eat this variety.  It has a power of curing poisonous insect bites.  Trash, gallbladder disease , phthisis, eye diseases , wounds, strangury and food poisoning are cured by adding Tropical amaranth.  The laxative, diuretic and refrigerant properties are present in it.


100 grams of siru keerai contains the following nutritional values.

Calcium                     397 Mg
Phosphorus               50 Mg
Iron                           27 Mg
Water content            90 %
Protein                       2.8%
Fat                             0.3 %
Minerals                     2.1%
Sugar                         4.8%


Apply the paste of cashews, turmeric and amaranthus tricolor on the acne at regular basis to get quick heal of this disease.

Scabies and other types of diseases are prevented and cured, if the paste which is prepared with pinch of turmeric and siru keerai.  Apply the paste on the affected area for good results.

Kidney related problems are healed with tincture made up of siru keerai and turmeric.  Drink this tincture in the early morning.

This tropical Amaranth raita and siru keerai gravy and tropical Amaranth Gravy will help you to reduce leg swelling, body heat, blood purification and urine problems.

The best cure for all the types of bile related diseases, add lentils with siru keerai and cook it to make your family healthy and strong.

Take siru keerai pepper powder and salt with this mixture.  Add all the ingredients to make a delicious dish to increase children memory power.

Inflammation is the main cause of all the dangerous diseases.  To reduce inflammation, add turmeric, siru keerai, pepper, dried ginger and long pepper. Boil all the ingredients and take it in the form of tincture.

Problems related to kidney can be healed if the siru keerai is taken with turmeric.  Boil both turmeric and siru keerai till the spinach is fully boiled.  Filter the spinach and drink the water which dissolves all the kidney problems. 

To get cured from all the eye related problems, make a soup of onion, garlic, turmeric, pepper with siru keerai and drink it to observe fine results.

To make your body strong and healthy, add siru keerai, capsicum, dhal, garlic in a dish and have it continuously for 21 days.    


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