Health benefits of Raddish leaves / Mullangi keerai

The Botanical name of radish leaves is Raphanus Sativus.  The properties of this variety are laxative, stomachic, aphrodisiac and stimulant.  For people who are suffering from stomach pain, absence of appetite, constipation and tasteless buds are advised to intake this variety.  Raphanus sativus are available in two varieties.  One is red in color and other variety has white leaves with more or less the same nutritional values.

It acts as a aphrodisiac when almond is grinded with the juice of radish leaves.  This juice enhances the person to solve the problem in a herbal way without any side effects.

People who are suffering from  Diabetes are recommended to add fenugreek seeds that are soaked in the juice of radish leaves.  Take out the fenugreek seeds and grind it as a mixture after the drying process.  Take two grams of this powder and mix with water.  Drink the water twice a day to reduce the blood sugar levels.


Before giving food for the family, take two grams of pepper that is soaked in the juice of mullangi keerai.  Take out the pepper and dry it for few hours.  Grind the pepper and put it in a air tight container.  Add one spoon of honey with this powder to get more health benefits.  You will observe the clean vessels after every dinner or lunch.

Kidney stones

The unknown fact about Raphanus sativus is it has a potential to melt the kidney stones.  Take 30 ml juice of this variety and drink it regularly for 21 days.  The best remedy for this disease without any medicines.

Stomach pain

Use the water of which the fenugreek seeds were soaked for few hours. Before you cook the radish leaves use the water to boil the leaves.  This method of cooking the dish helps to cure stomach pain.

Cures urine problems and liver related diseases

Jaggery is the most tasty and healthy sweetener that blends with the siddha medicine for fast healing.  Like wise, jaggery is blended with radish spinach juice which results in protecting liver from harmful liver related diseases.

Siddha doctors are advised to take one spoon of barley with this variety of leaves to get rid of irregular urine related problems


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