Health benefits of Mukuli keerai/ Chicken weed

Mukuli Keerai

Chicken weed needs a tropical place where sun is above 30C that helps the plant to grow on well drained soil where it needs an average duration of six to eight weeks from the seed to the plant.  Chicken weed baby leaves are eaten raw and it is added with the vegetable salad for healthy diet.  It is used as a flour ingredient to make a different kind of bread.


Mukuli Keerai properties are diuretic, cholesteric, sedative, cardiotonic, pain killer or vermifuge and analgesic.


Anti cancer and anti fungal activity

Research have proved that the properties present in this spinach enhances the immunity to fight and prevent the most hazardous diseases like cancer, colon cancer and infection illness.

In rural areas, it is used as an alternative of Portulaca oleracea.  For FEVER, mukuli Keerai is used either as a porridge or external application to reduce temperature. As this variety supports proper bowel movements that enables stomach to function properly by preventing DYSENTERY.

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