Health benefits of PONNAGANNI KEERAI/Dwarf copper leaves


Alternathera sessilis is a botanical name of ponnaganni keerai.  There  are two varieties one is green leaves and the other one is red leaves.  White flower bearing dwarf copper leaves are used for preparing variety of dishes.  It helps to maintain the body temperature at normal levels.  Most of the tasty spinach dishes adds this variety of leaves to give more nutrition because it nutrients remains the same after cooking.  It is advisable to eat this variety during the day time.


Fiber                                                     2.8 g      
Fat                                                       0.7 g      
Calories                                                73
Water content                                       77.4 g                                   
Protein                                                  5.0 g      
Mineral Salts                                          2.5 g    
 Phosphorus                                          60 Mg
Iron                                                      16.7 Mg              
Vitamin C                                              17 mg
Riboflavin                                             0.14 Mg
Niacin                                                   1.2Mg                   
Sugar                                                    11.6 g   
Calcium                                                510 Mg

Alternanthera sessilis or dwarf copper leaves

The properties of joyweed is cooling effect and alterative.  It is recommended as a best medicine for tuberculosis, vada and inflammatory diseases, eye defects, skin problems, and cough.  The glossy look on the skin is mainly depend on these leaves.  Regular intake of this plant leaves makes your skin healthy.

Whatever might be your eye defects, the one and only cure is ponnakanni keerai.  It repairs the defected nerves and parts of the eyes and makes you feel that you are free from all your eye diseases.

Health benefits

Dwarf copper leaves are used to do miracle in curing many Complex diseases like piles, blood pressure, mouth and Stomach ulcer, gut problems, giddiness, body heat, libido issues, eye problems and weak health condition is cured.

Herrmoids and piles remedy

Boil the moong dal with joyweed and cook it.  This will act as a healer to control the abnormal condition of excretion process.  Regular intake will results in rapid cure.

A cure to Eye problems

Prepare a thailyam base of dwarf copper leaves to apply on your head and slightly massage it.  This thailyam has a power of reducing body heat, eye defects, eye irritation, pupil defects and inflammation.

Sort the leaves with ghee and place it on the eyes and wrap with cloth on it.  Leave it for few minutes and remove it.  This will cure some of the eye related diseases.

Eat the ponnakanni keerai with pepper, cummin seeds, Garlic, asoefitida, turmeric and prepare a soup.  Drink the soup  for fourty eight days to get relief even from complex eye problems like night blindness, catract etc.

 Maintains blood pressure and strengthen liver

A powdered cummin seeds 5 gms are mixed with the juice of ponnakanni keerai helps in maintaining a normal blood pressure.

A dwarf copper leaves soup is good to maintain normal and healthy liver function.  It increases the resistance power in liver and maintain a healthy liver function.

Strong and healthy body

There are many ways to lead a long and healthy life with young and glowing skin.  One among the millions of remedies are steam the leaves and grind it with salt and pepper.  Eat this dish regularly up to 48 days to reach your ultimate goal of living a youthful, healthy long and peaceful life.

For libido issues, sort the small Onions, pepper and salt with the Spinach and taste the dish to raise your strong health meter and make yourself free from this problem.

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