Health benefits of  Pisonia alba / Nachukkotai

Health benefits of pisonia Alba or lachaikottai

The lettuce tree is a common name of this plant. Sula sappu in Kannada.  Beach forest of Andaman islands is the origin and it moves to the every corner of the gardens located in many parts of India.  The plant is famous for long and pointed 25 cm leaves rather then it's flowers.  The plant has a capacity to grow in any soil either it is planted on the ground in a group along the sides of the garden or planted as a single one in a pot.  It should be trimmed regularly to maintain pleasant look. It has all the medicinal values that cures many rare diseases. The trimmed leaves  contributes a nutritious food to cattle.  

Gasteric trouble

People frequently experience this problem.  It creates a consequence of Stomach burning sensation and Stomach pain.  To cure this, Add turmeric, garlic, onions, pepper and cummin seeds with this spinach.  It has garlic and Onions that are effective in curing this disease.

Neck pain

Computer professionals experience this pain regularly because they often most of the time in front of the monitor.  So, In any dish add Lachaikottei keerai for more than 21 days.  It has a power of gradually reducing neck pain.


Obesity is the main cause of all the diseases.  Maintaining a normal weight for obesity people is a dream, which will come true after following this remedy.  Half lemon juice and juice of pisonia Alba mix both in a bowl and drink one glass  I in the morning to reduce excess weight and unwanted fat from the body. 

Back pain

There are many medical treatments to cure back pain in many medical sectors.  But, to cure back pain spinach also works as a medicine.  The tasty healthy dish can be prepared using this variety.  You can make gravy, semi gravy, soup and many dishes and eat it for 21 days to cure back pain.

Gut ulcer

Pulses or Dhal with pisonia Alba mixture helps to cure gut ulcer.  Nicely chop the leaves of pisonia Alba and steam it.  Add cooked pulses with chilli, onions, salt and garnish with coriander leaves.  A tasty dish works as a medicine to heal gut ulcer.

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