Health benefits of Sadakuppai keerai/ dill/Peucedanum graveolens

Peucedanum graveolens

The botanical name of Peucedanum graveolens.  It blends well with other vegetables and other spinach varieties.  In tamil, dill is called as sadakuppai keerai. Italian and Indian dill are the two varieties of Spinach.   The common name is dill.  One of the most valuable and rare variety of spinach where you can add it with variety of dishes.  It makes the food more delicious and nutritious food to all age groups.  The seed of the plant spreads a flourcent smell and leaves are used for edible purposes.  The life span is one year and it grows upto 125 cm in height.


To cure constipation, add curry leaves with dill spinach and grind it.  Intake small amount of this paste after dinner.

New mothers who lack of mother's milk are advised to add small amount of Peucedanum graveolens in their diet.

Women who are suffering from placenta and fertility problem can add cumin seeds, garlic and pepper with this variety of spinach for fast relief.

It is recommended to add sadkuppai keerai in daily diet or take at least twice a week for stomach and digestion problems for all ages.  This is considered as one of best home remedy for stomach problems with anise seeds.

Leg swellings are caused due to urine problems.  Pregnant ladies are the common sufferers due to this problem.  Make a soup of this variety of spinach and make it as a daily routine to cure this problem.

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