Health benefits of Celarik keerai / Apium graveolens


One of the tastiest spinach that is more suitable for green salads.

To prevent eye problems like color blindness, eye irritation and other eye related problems, take ponnakanni keerai with apium graveolens for protecting against this problems.

Tincture of this variety have the power of reducing nervous weakness.

Dal with selarik keerai is the best medicine to make your body strong and healthy.

The common problem that affects all the age groups is loss of sleep during the night time.  Many of them take sleeping pills and some of them do exercises and yoga to get sound sleep.  Try apium graveolens with onion and curd in your diet to get peaceful sleep without any disturbance during the night time.

Children are recommended to have this variety with  thipli to increase the memory power.  Mothers usually add it any form that pushes their children to take the delicious dish made up of this variety.

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