Health benefits of Manjal karisalai Keerai/ false daisy


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Botanical Name                                     Eclipta prostrata
Tamil                                                     Karisilanganni
Malayalam                                             Kannunni
Hindi                                                     Bhringaraj, Kesharaj
Manipuri                                               Uchi sumbal
Telugu                                                   Galagara
Kannada                                               Ajagara
Oriya                                                    Kesarda

False daisy with yellow flowers


Fat                                                      0.2 g      
Calories                                                19
Water content                                     93.7 g   
Protein                                                1.1 g      
Mineral Salts                                       1.4 g                                                                      
Sugar                                                     3.2 g      
Calcium                                                39  Mg  
Phosphorus                                          10 Mg
Iron                                                      3.9 Mg
Fibre                                                     0.4g
B complex                                             less 


False daisy is the king of the ingredient in hair oils and a best drug in treating toxicity.  The flowers of the plant is considered as the auspicious one in Hindu religion. 

Eclipta prostrata may helps to prevent the miscarriage and post delivery uterine pain.  But it is always good to get the doctor advise before using this type of spinach for pregnancy.

It is considered as the best medicine for curing the poisonous stings by insects, swellings and other skin diseases.

It acts as a healer for Anemia, leprosy, jaundice, throat related diseases.  The unique medicinal properties that are absent in other common varieties of Spinach are  Cholagogue, tonic, alterative,emet, purgative, hepictonic and deobstruent.

Ayurvedic remedies
Prevents cancer and Asthma

Long pepper or pippali is soaked in a juice of Karisalankanni keerai and powder it after drying under the sun.  Take 2g of this powder in the morning in a regular basis to cure bile problems and asthma linked issues.

A spinach juice that combines both False Daisy and paruppu keerai of 30 ml each in a glass and drink it.  It cures the starting stage of cancer disease.

Cures Headache

Fennel seeds, pepper and juice of Karisalankanni are combined to form a concotion.  This concotion vanishes all types of headache.

Gall bladder stones and Jaundice

Take a one pinch of turmeric powder with equal quantities of mixed Karisalankanni keerai and stone breaker juice.  Add this turmeric powder with the juice and drink for few days to realize the magic of healing from jaundice.

The fresh false Daisy juice in 30 ml glass helps in curing gallstones while it was taken during the early morning for 48 days.

Cough and premature greying

Take 2 grams of powder prepared using false Daisy juice, cummin seeds and dried amla or gooseberry.  Dip the equal quantities of both ingredients in the juice for few days and dry it under the sun.   Grind it in the form of powder and eat it to prevent this disease.

To get rid of cough, dip the licorice in the juice of Karisalankanni and make in the form of powder after the juice is got observed by the licorice.  Daily 2 grams of this powder twice a day relives Cough.

Mouth ulcer, Tonsils, sinus, and Anemia

For oral related diseases, take gingelly oil with 30 ml of this juice and goggle it for few minutes.  This remedy will cure the above Diseases except anemia.

Anemia is a common disease that can be cured by steaming both Karisalankanni keerai with pepper and add this dish on your plate for rapid recovery.

Chebulic Myrobalan or kadukkai and Karisalankanni keerai concotion is the best medicine for Constipation.

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