Health benefits of Manathakkali keerai/ Solanum nigrum/Black nightshade


Black nightshade is a tiny plant that grows about one meter height and its fruits are called as wonder cherry or sun berry.  It spreads around the area and it is widely used in many parts of the world for various medicinal purposes.  The stem and branches of the greens are very soft and evenly spreading all over the place.  The features of the plant either oval shaped or egg shaped with white, cream and violet flowers.  The fruit or cherry of the plant are black and it turns blue or black when ripen. 

English – Black Night shade
Tamil –Manathakkali Keerai
Hindi –Makoi
Botanical Name – Solanum nigrum


The minerals present in black nightshade are niacin, riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Vitamin C is the only mineral that is present in high quantity.  The energy value is 68 and it has 82.1% moisture.

Fat                                            1.0 g                      
Calories                                      68          
Water content                          82.1 g                                   
Protein                                      5.9 g                      
Mineral Salts                               2.1 g                                                                                      
Sugar                                          8.9 g                      
Calcium                                     410 mg                 
Phosphorus                                 70 mg   
Iron                                           20.5 Mg
Vitamin C                                    11 mg
Niacin                                        0.9 Mg

Riboflavin                                  0.59 Mg


It acts as a healing component and one of the most important ingredient in Indian medicine.  The ache, annoyance and excitement are balanced with the help of these leaves.  The fruit of the plant are excellent appetizers. 

It reduces the body heat and prevent diseases that are caused by over heat.  Manathakkali keerai acts as a medicine to treat dropsy.

For acne, eczema and psoriasis, solanum nigrum is the best medicine prescribed by grannies.  The small berries of the herb is used as a good cure for asthma and fever. 

People who are suffering from urine problems are recommended to take this variety at least once a week to get rid of this problem. The juice of the leaves with stem is used to relieve the problem if it has been taken at regular basis. 

It revitalizes the functions of the body parts and energizes the person to work all the time without tiredness. 
The leaves of the black night shade is used for treating digestive disorders, stomach problems like colitis, peptic ulcers and flatulence.    Makoi acts as a effective remedy for dysentery and stomach ailments. 

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