Health benefits of Kuppai keerai/pigweed, green amaranth/amaranth viridis

Amaranthus viridis in other languages

English :  Green amaranth, Pigweed, Slender amaranth.
Malayalam: കുപ്പച്ചീര kuppacheera
Hindi:  jungali chaulayi
Japanese :   アオビユ  Aobyu ,   ナガイヌビユ  Honaga inu byu.Malay :  Bayan hedjo. 
Sanskrit: tanduliya, Gandira 
Spanish :  Bledo, Quelite verd (Mexico).
Tamil: kuppai-k-kirai, Vakucakkirai
Telugu:  chilaka-thotakoora
Thai :  ผักโหม   Phak hom, ผักโขม   Phak khom,    ผักขม  Phak khom, ผักขมหัด  Phak khom hat  .
French :  Amarante verte.
German :  Grüner Amarant.
Greek :  Λεπτό βλήτο    Depto vlito.
Chinese :   皱果苋  Zhou guo xian.
Konkani: ranbhaji 

Marathi: math, unadabhaji 

Health benefits 
  1. Amaranthus virdis is a commonly found spinach in Indian villages. The abundant source of this variety heps the farmers to feed for their cows.  The unique blend of natural source of vitamins and minerals enhance in producing good milk with pure quality.  The baby spinach variety is used for cooking to add more taste to the dish.  The medicinal values present in kuppai keerai are mentioned below:-

Drink the herbal water which has slender amaranth, mudakkathan keerai and cumin seeds.  Boil the following herbs and drink it to get cure from ortho diseases like knee pain and joint pain.

Excess body weight can be reduced when this spinach is eaten in the form of salad or juice or tincture.

Inflammation related diseases are cured when the affected person add dal with green amaranth.

Bishop weed , turmeric, and kuppai keerai shouls be added in the diet dish to control chest irritation.

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