Health benefits of Mukkarattai Keerai/Boerhaavia/ Hogweed/Pigweed/Boerhavia diffusa

What is Boerhavia diffusa or Mukkarattai Keerai



Most of the people who are not aware of this magnificent plant which has lot of medicinal values as well as good contribution towards the health of man.  The Botanical name of Mukkarattai Keerai  is Boerhavia diffusa.  It belongs to Nyctaginaceae.  The other name for this plant is spiderlings.  The habitat of this plant grows in low areas and spreads all over the ground.  The Ayurvedic name for mukkarattai keerai is punarnava.  The medicinal properties in the plant described well by the name itself.  Punar means one more time and nava meaning is became fresh.  It refreshes the body parts once again is the meaning of punarnava.  This plant is available all over the India and the best place for growth of hogweed is waste lands, road sides and moist places.

 Tamil – Mukkarattai Keerai
English – Boerhaavia, Hogweed, Pigweed
Telugu – Attamamidi
Hindi – Sant, Gandahpurana
Malayalam – Tavilama, Talutama
Kanada – Sanadika
Sanskrit – Punarnava, Sophaghni 


The are two varieties of punarnava.  One is dark variety and red variety.  Bothe these varieties has unique medicinal and health related properties.  The whole plant like leaves, flowers and fruits for various kinds of purposes.  The leaves of hogweed is light and dry.  It is considered as a hot plant and the taste of the leaves has bitter, sweet and astringent power.  The level of anti inflammation properties are high in hogweed.  It helps to reduce the diseases that are caused by inflammation like cancer, and heart diseases.

Medicinal uses 

Each and every part of the plant is used for both ayurvedic and medicinal prepapartions and juice of the punarnava has a mixed taste.  Punarnava is added as a ingredient in pain relief medicines as well as good herbal medicine for many diseases.  The fruit of the mukkarattai keerai found to be sticky and it grows just few inches above the ground level and the size of the fruit is very small.  It has a power of improving eyesight and reduce the level of sugar in the blood.  Gram negative bacteria is totally defused by the antibacterial property present in Boerhavia duffusa.  The other valuable properties present in boerhavia diffusa are hepatoprotective properties, antiestrogenic, antiamoebic components.

Health benefits

The diseases caused by fluid, low strength that results in heaviness in any part of the body, body heat, indigestion and problems due to indigestion that causes diseases related to body pain.  The problems related to dryness or coldness like fever etc are the diseases that can be cured by taking mukkrattai keerai.

Hogweed protects the skin from infection and cleanse it.  The best medicine for guinea worms is boerhaavia leaves.  Punarnava helps to retain the health of the skin for a long period of time by protecting the tissues from dangerous diseases. 

Renal calculi or kidney stones are prevented or the stones are reduced gradually by adding punarnava in the diet.  It strengthens male reproductive system.  The other combinations that are mixed with punarnava protects a person from anemia and reduces the effect of anemia. 

The function of the lungs works good when hogweed or boerhavia diffusa is taken at regular intervals.  It protects lungs from major diseases to minor diseases like asthma to common cold and cough.

The anti-inflammation properties reduces the risk of getting arthritis and joint pains.  Mukkrattai keerai has a unique formula that strengthens the joints and bones.

Boerhaavia increases appetite, relieves from constipation problems, proper digestion and abdominal pains due to improper digestion are prevented.

In Brazil, boerhaavia leaves is used for liver disorders.  It stimulates the liver functions and reactivates the cells that are damaged to fight against jaundice, hepatitis and gallbladder.  The other types of liver disorders are treated with the help of boerhaavia leaves.

The other health benefits are, toxins are flushed out, kills worms, sweats more and makes skin healthy, swelling, nervous weakness, paralysis, reduces blood pressure and prevents heart problems.    




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