Coriander leaves is one of the most essential variety that floats on every south Indian and North Indian dishes.  It adds more flavor with unknown health benefits.  With the help of all the medicinal values in the coriander leaves, it cures common and uncommon diseases like wounds, thirsty, cold fever, body heat and hiccups.  The properties are carminative, stimulant, diuretic, and stomachic  The nutritional values in coriander leaves are Vitamin A, Vitamin B. vitamin C, calcium and Iron.


  • To balance blood pressure and reduce cholesterol, add little amount of jeera or cheragam with coriander leaves juice and allow the mixture to dry under the sun.  Take two grams of grinded mixture daily during morning and evening for unbelievable results in cholesterol and blood pressure.  
Increases Appetite and coolant

Chew little amount of coriander to reduce body heat and make yourself free from all complications caused by body heat.  This method also helps to consume more amount of food for children and adults.

Promotes digestion

Add carom seeds, fennel seeds and coriander juice in a container for few minutes.  Take out the seeds that has observed juice in it. Dry the seeds and grind it.  While cooking, take two grams of this powder and put it in a dish that you make for your family to promote digestion and increase the flavor of the food.

Cures bile issues 

A tincture with turmeric, cumin seeds and kothamilli should be prepared for people who are suffering with bile and bile related diseases the helps in  quick cure after drinking this tincture.

Excess bile is exited via vomiting if more salt is added in the kothamilli juice and drink it.

Cold fever remedy
In a boiling water add turmeric, these leaves and few amount of pepper .filter the contents and drink it for better relief from cold fever in a natural way.

Relief from mensuration problems

Dip the black cumin seeds in the juice of coriander for few hours.  Take out the seeds and grind it after the drying process under the sun. just two grams of this powder with honey is more than enough to solve this problem.

Prevents cardiac diseases

Drink 30 ml of this juice make up of onion, garlic, and coriander leaves in equal quantities with honey and boil it.  allow the drink to cool and taste it twice a day or as directed by the doctor.

Heals boils and wounds

On an affected area, apply the leaves that are fried in the gingerly oil till it releases the aroma and patch it up on the skin.  After few days you will search for the wound or boil marks.


This plant leaves with sandal powder releases the headache caused by bile.  Dry ginger works wonders with these leaves for normal headache.  Both the ingredients should be grind and apply it on the forehead for instant relief. 

Nervous weakness

Nerves carries the sensation in every part of the body.  Strong nerves builds healthy body.  The properties in coriander leaves helps in  healing nervous weakness.

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