Health benefits of Cabbage leaves/Brassica oleracea

Cabbage leaves or Brassica oleracea

Cabbage is a bunch of leaves rolled inside one another in the form of oval shape.  It is considered as a vegetable but, it belongs to a greens family.  One of the easy and quick boiled greens is cabbage.  The nutritients in the greens will be reduced if it has been cooked for longer time.  The Brassica oleracea gives strength, shine and beauty to the persons who eats at regular basis.  Rare vitamin D that helps to observe calcium and iron are present in required amount.  

NUTRITION. (in percentage)

Water content.             96
Mineral salts.               0.6
Protein.                          1.7
Fat.                                 0.1
Calcium.                        40 mg
Calories.                        27
Fibre.                             1.1
Carbohydrates.            4.5
Iron.                               0.8 mg
Phosphorus.                43 mg                
B Complex.                      Present
Vitamin C.                      124 mg

Health benefits

Weight loss and weight gain tips

Finely chop the cabbage leaves with onions and toss it.  Eat a cup full of this dish in the morning to reduce the belly and excess fat in the body.  Fiber content in  the leaves enhance the process of easy and quick digestion.  

For weight gain, put the chopped cabbage leaves in the curd mixed with onions and salt in it.  Eat this recipe every day for visible gradual weight gain.  Curd has essential fat and protein that helps in increasing the body mass and muscle mass without any side effects like protein powders.

Piles and constipation remedy

Pepper, cabbage, cummin seeds, garlic and onions are added in a hot water and prepare a delicious soup and drink during the night.  Garlic and cummin seeds aids in good digestion whereas pepper onion and cabbage contributes in flushing out toxins from various parts of the body that includes skin toxins too.  So, drinking this soup during the night time relives constipation and piles pain.

Cures Mouth, throat and gut ulcer

Ulcer is out burst of body heat shown outside the body.  To reduce inflammation in various parts of the body like gut, throat and mouth cool items has to be consumed with the medicinal power to heal the ulcer.  The cabbage juice which is difficult to drink but a medicine is always a bitter one that gives sweet relief after it was taken.  

Another gut ulcer remedy is fry the chopped cabbage and add cummin seeds powder and salt in it.  Toss the mixture and eat it to reduce the impact of gut ulcer.  

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