Health benefits of Mudakkathan keerai/ ballon vine


 The other names of balloon vine are love-in-a-puff, heart pea and heart seed. This variety is easily available in Bengal, Tamilnadu, Himalayas, Srilanka, Malaka and other parts of India.  It has a bitter taste and  used to prepare varities of dishes like Adai, dosa, chutney, gravy and soup.  Indiravelli is another name of this plant. Balloon vine is a common name and cardiospermum halicacarbum is a botanical name.  The moist and water content soil is suitable for the vine and leaves to grow well.  It can be seen near the garden and bushes. The white flowers and three chambered and three seeded vegetable are the identification of balloon vine.  Balloon vine leaves can be cooked in various ways like adding with other spinach, leaves can be grinded and added with dosa batter.

Other Languages

Common name: Balloon Vine, Love-in-a-puff, heart pea, heartseed •
Hindi:  Kanphata, Kanphuti, Kapalphodi
Oriya: sakralata
Assamese: kapal phuta
Malayalam: Jyotishmati, katabhi
Telugu: buddakakara, ekkudutige, jyotishmatitige, kasaritige
Kannada: agniballi, bekkinatoddinaballi, erumballi, kakaralata
Bengali: Lataphatkari
Sanskrit: Bunu-uchchhe,  Indravalli, Jyotishmati
Nepali: Jyotismati Kapal Fodi, Kesh Laharaa
Marathi: kanphuti, shibjal, kakumardanika
Tamil: kottavan, modikkottan, mudakattan


Protein                       4.7 g
Fat.                             0.6 g
Calories.                    61

Health benefits

Each and every part of the plants like leaves, vegetable, flowers, vine, and roots are helpful in preparing herbal medicines.  The properties of this vine are laxative, stimulates appetite, heals swelling, and strengthern body.  People who are suffering from cough for a longtime can be cured by drinking the concotion prepared with leaves and roots.  It is also a best medicine for Vadha and piles.

Cures gasteric trouble and constipation

The leaves are used to prepare concotion to cure constipation. The rasam helps in curing body pain.
Add the mudakkathan keerai with rasam and drink it thrice a week for cure of gasteric trouble and other related diseases.

Body strength

The seeds of mudakkathan vine is collected and given to the persons to gain strength after recovering from fever.

 Cures skin diseases Eye problems

Grind the leaves of balloon vine and take 5g of this paste daily in the morning to get rid of dryness, itching and other complicated skin problems. 

Add jaggery with ghee sorted leaves and eat it.  This is the best remedy for eye problems, pain in eyes and eye related diseases.

It reduces the heavy blood flow during periods by taking one tsp of this leaves juice.  To increase the memory power, Doctors recommend to chew the seeds of mudakkathan plant.

Relives ear ache, hand, leg and back pain

Two to three drops of shallow fried leaves juice is poured in to the ears to get rid of ear pain and ear puss.

Mudakkathan keerai is well established medicine for back pain, nerves weakness, constipation, swelling etc.

joint pain, body pain and muscle cramps

Boil the leaves in a castor oil and stir fry it.  Eat this dish to reduce body pain and muscle cramps. Filter the oil and apply it on the paining body parts to get quick recovery.

Benefits to preganent ladies
br /> For normal delivery, Take the juice of the leaves and apply it on the abdomen or tie it.  This aids in normal delivery.  Wash off the juice with hot water after labor pain. 
Blood piles

In Madagascar, the roots and leaves of balloon vine is used to cure this disease.   To cure most of the piles related problems, balloon vine is the best medicine.

Heals respiratory problems and swelling

The roots of balloon vine is boiled and prepared in the form of concotion to cure respiratory problems.
For swelling, soak the vine in a milk and apply it on the affected area.  It reduces the swelling and cures faster.

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