Health benefits of Beetroot leaves

Beetroot leaves


The beetroot leaves are grown to get Abundant vitamin A benefit.  The baby leaves are cooked or it is consumed raw to get full nutritients. The leaves will grow in a span of three months after it has been cultivated.    It has all the required amount of vitamins, minerals, protein and Antioxidant that fights against all the dangerous diseases.  This variety is more suitable for making dry gravy or raita.


Vitamin A Benefits

It helps in teeth and bones formation, prevents eye blindness, night blindness, eye burning sensation, maintain healthy skin, kidney, lungs, bladder and lungs.  The fat is stored in the body with help of Vitamin A.  It cures cold, fever, cough, poor hair growth.
Reduces body burning sensation and scar  remover

They juice of this leaves can be applied all over the body or in a particular place where the burning sensation is present and leave it for few minutes and wash off.  Regular trials reduces the sensation and helps to maintain a healthy skin.

A scar is a mark on the skin that takes long time to get to normal skin tone.  To search for the scar that was present, you can apply the juice on the scar daily.  After some time the scar gets healed.

Cures Constipation

The vitamins and minerals in the beetroot leaves supplies the necessary nutritients that helps in curing Constipation. 

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