Health benefits of Chocolate weed/ punnakku keerai

Health benefits of chocolate weed

Chocolate weed is nothing but the left over of til and channa oil extract.  It is not available easily and the taste is also some what different to eat.

Other Languages

English.                           : Chocolate weed, red weed, wire bush
Telugu                             : Ganugapindikura
Marathi.                          : Lahan methuri
Tamil                               : punnakku keerai
Kannada.                        : Bettadatutti mara
Botanical name.            : Melochia corchorifolia
Hindi.                              : Tikiokra
Malayalam.                    : Ketam
 Oriya.                             :  Dasokerotan
 Family                           : Sterculiaceae (Cacao family)

Health benefits of chocolate weed

Constipation and urine problems

It is difficult to cook and eat this variety because of the unique taste but it has a power of healing the common problem of Constipation and abnormal kidney function.

It helps in curing the urine related problems like urine infection, burning sensation etc.

The cooling effect of this Spinach results in strengthening body as well as promotes the healthy function of gut.


Those who are suffering from wounds, skin problems, infants, babies, senior citizens are adviced to avoid this variety of Spinach to protect their body from severe complications.

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