Health benefits of centella asiatica/ brahmi leaves/vallarai keerai


The brahmi leaves with brain shaped leaves represent that this variety has huge contribution towards memory power, concentration, improves oxygen supply tithe brain for Normal body function.  Anti bacterial, anti fungal properties helps to prevent and cure all types of fever.  It helps in curing body pains like head ache, back pain, jaundice etc. It acts as a blood purifier. It strengthens liver, kidney and brain functions.  It has all the vitamins and minerals that are needed ti protect the body from dangerous diseases.  Alzheimer disease, Parkinson's disease, several skin disorders, leprosy and eye related problems are healed by adding this variety in your diet.


It acts as a alterative, emmenagogue, stimulant, tonic, adothogenic or stress buster and diuretic, anti biotic and anti piraric.  The suitable place for the growth of this plant is tropical swampy are areas.  A large amount of harmful bacteria, fungus and other dangerous organism are found on the surface of the water, fortunately it's useful for healthy plant growth.  Due to this reason, this type of spinach should be cleaned many times before adding into the dishes.


Fat                                                                       0.5 g
Calories                                                                37
Water content                                                     84.5 g
Protein                                                                 2.1 g
Mineral Salts                                                        2.7 g
Fiber                                                                   4.2 g
Sugar                                                                   6.0 g
Calcium                                                               224 Mg
Phosphorus                                                          68.8 Mg


The Botanical name of vellarai keerai is Centella asiatica. This spinach variety is considered as one of the best medicinal leafy vegetable for all age groups.  Children are used to add this variety to increase the memory power. As you all know that this variety of spinach increases memory power and enhances the function of brain.  It is called as goddess saraswathi in the form of vellarai keerai.

It helps in relieving mouth ulcer, blood dysentery, fever and so on.  The diseases related to gas and digestion problems will be cures by taking Centella asiatica.  It has huge amount of calcium, iron, protein, fiber and other vitamins. The best healer for diabetes, sin diseases, heart related diseases like cholesterol, kills stomach germs, leprosy, kidney related problems, body weakness, less immunity and so on.


In the juice of vellarai add Cummin seeds and dry it under the sun, after it observes the juice.  Grind the seeds and take two to three grams of this powder to get rid of menstruation problems.

For those who are suffering from white hair at early age or teenage, here is a medicine that takes long time for cure but it permanently stops the disease.  Drink Brahmi juice with milk in the morning in an empty stomach. Follow this medicine in a daily basis.  Add milk during the grinding process instead of water.

For diabetes, take equal quantities of phyla nodiflora and Centella asiatica.  Wash both the varieties and dry it under the sun in a separate plates.  Grind the leaves and mix in equal quantities.  Take little spoon of this powder during morning and evening for good sugar control.

The juice of vellarai either in thick paste or juice form cures the jaundice. Once in a week, in an empty stomach drink the juice with buttermilk mixed in it.

For sweet voice and strong body, add two badam with four leaves of vellarai and grind it.  Eat this paste for the above results.

Any type of swelling caused by fever, falling down, joint pain etc are quickly healed by grinding the raw leaves with out adding water.  Apply the paste on the affected area.

To get rid of fear, Hercules early in the morning and chew four leaves of this variety. Don't take any food for four hours.  This will result in decreasing the consequences of psychological related diseases.

To cure any type of feveradd 1/4 th of basil leaves, vellarai in hot water and boil it.  Add pepper powder unturned syrup and off the flame.  One tsp of honey with this syrup results in more medicinal values that enhances fast relief.

Add cumin seeds, turmeric and Centella asiatica leaves in a boiled water. Wait unroll the juice extracts mingles with water and filter it.  Add sugar for children and give them a energy drink by adding milk in it.  This drink enhances the function of brain and helps to recall the studied information, strengthen nervous system, solved the problem of irregular menstruation.

Just thirty ml of milk of this leaves has a power of reducing the hazardous consequences of skin diseases, leprosy and impure blood disorders.

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