Curry leaves are searched in a dish and its taken out first by most of the people in India.  The medicinal and herbal values in curry leaves are not known to many of the people.  The most cheapest and healthiest variety of spinach is curry leaves.  Even it can be grown neat the houses without stain like protecting it from insects etc.  It is added to the dishes onl for aroma but now after reading this blog, you will came to know about the health benefits and you push yourself to eat it only because of its medicinal values.  It contributes more health related gains to many body parts that includes hair, kidney, heart, blood, lungs, liver and nerve related problems.  The stomach related problems, gastric problems, low vision, tastelessness, diabetes, appetite body strength and bile related diseases are completely curable. 


Botanical name  :  Murraya koenigii
Tamil   : Karuveppillai
English   : curry leaves


B.complex   6.9 mg
Vitamin C    15 mg
Iron           1.85 mg
Protein        0.4 %
Fat             0.6 %
Mineral salts    2.5 %
Lactose          9.5 %
Fiber             1.2 %
Water content     85.8 %
Phosphorus       70 Mg
Calcium           185 Mg


To put on some weight, add cashews with nellimulli and dry curry leaves in equal quantities and grind it.  Take one tsp with milk.

The best cure for diabetes is to dry the leaves and grind it in the form of powder.  Add this powder in any dish and intake it daily to identify the unbelievable results.

People who are suffering from gastric trouble are advised to take ¼ th of aseofida powder with 250 g of dry karuveppillai.  Grind the mixture and have it after meals.

Hair loss the main problem that affects more amount of people all over the world.  Many herbal and rare ingredients were added to improve hair growth.  The simple remedy is eat curry leaves or add it with coconut oil and apply it on the scalp.

Turmeric, dry ginger, fenugreek, with this variety are added and grinded in a required quantity and its prescribed as a medicine in villages for bile and knee pain.  Every time 5g of this powder should be consumed during the morning and evening. 

Indigestion, vomiting due to bile is reduced after taking hot tamarind, rock salt fried and fried chili in the form of chutney.  Do not forget to add curry leaves in this dish.

Take dry ginger, pepper, cumin seeds and salt each of 10g with dry kadi patta.  Make the above ingredients like a powder and sprinkle it on the hot white rice this has a potential of healing motion problems, diabetes and boosts the energy level. 

Cassia lanceolata (neelavaarai) with dry curry leaves in equal quantities and 2g of this powder is taken after dinner to get relief from constipation and to get a flat stomach with in a short period of time.

Grind pepper and curry leaves in the form of powder and take it every day to increase the appetite in children and adults.

Liver related problems can be cured if kezhanelli, naval tree leaves and kadi patta are grinded in the form of paste and added with milk is prescribed as a medicine for liver type of diseases.

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