Health benefits of Arai keerai/Spleen Amaranth

Amaranthus aristis has the power of preventing some common diseases like phlegm, fever, gastric trouble and diseases related to fever. It acts as a stimulant and aphrodisiac. As I have mentioned earlier that this variety has more properties that increases body heat (stimulant). So, It is not advisable for people who are prescribed with medicines to reduce body heat and complications caused by increased body heat. From the nutrition chart, the fiber content in spleen amaranth is higher, it helps to cure constipation. The medicines that are prepared with seeds of arai keerai denotes rapid hair growth. Liver related diseases can be prevented if you take this variety of this spinach.


Spleen Amaranth soup has a medicinal value of getting instant healing from cold, cough, headache.

Arai keerai pepper gravy is the best medicine for Cold, cough and nervous weakness

To prevent any complications caused by vatham, pittham and kabam, leave the cumin seeds in the spleen amaranth juice for a few minutes and dry it.  After that take the same seeds and dip it in the lemon juice.  Grind the seeds that are dried after dipping in lemon juice.  Take the 2 grams of the powder either in any liquid form like adding in the water during the morning and evening time for best results.

Nervous weakness can be cured if the pepper powder is added with arai keerai juice.  One gram of this powder is more than enough for daily routine. 

Tincture made up of turmeric, pepper, ginger, dried ginger and spleen amaranth is the medicine for fix and fever related diseases.  Arai keerai vadai  is also a delicious evening snack that helps the children to boost immunity and growth.   It strengthens brain as well as heart.

The medicinal properties that are filled in the root of 
the arai keerai helps to reduce dental problems and diseases related to tooth and gums.  Root of spleen amaranth, turmeric, in the boiled water.  Filter the ingredients and goggle the water alone for few seconds to make your mouth fresh and free from gum and tooth aches.

Pepper, dal, chilly and spleen amaranth are the ingredients chosen by grand ma as the best medicine for quick relief from fever.

Arai keerai with cardamom seeds helps to purify blood.

To protect your body from cold, cough and other related lungs problems, drink the juice of amaranthus aristis stem with turmeric and pepper.

Anemia is a common disease that has been there for most of the women above the age of thirty.  To increase the blood level in the body, take aria keerai with dal for about 21 days to realize the unbelievable increase of blood with high energy.

Arai keerai helps to increase the growth of hair and reduce the hair problems like dandruff, lies ,grey hair and split ends.  Add 10 fenugreek seeds with spleen amaranth juice and apply it on your scalp.  Take head bath after few minutes to view the unbelievable results.

It has high digestive protein compared to other leafy vegetables.  The unique medicinal properties in spleen amaranth increases the RBC count in the blood.  

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