Health benefits of pasalai keerai/ portulaca quadrifida and Kodi pasalai keerai/Basella Alba

Pasalai keerai or portulaca quadrifida

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The properties of chicken weed are Diuretic, stomachic.  Portulaca quadrifida has rich in calcium and cures the diseases like bladder related diseases and urine problems.


It reduces weight and bad cholesterol

Add one tsp of raddish seeds in a pasalai keerai juice and soak it for few hours and grind it.  This greenish juice prevents unwanted fats stored inside the body.  It cleanses the whole system and maintain a healthy normal BMI.

In a bowl, put garlic, pepper powder, red chilli flakes and chicken weed.  Place that bowl inside the cooker and steam it till all the ingredients are well cooked.  Now smash it and grind to make a gravy.  Hot white rice with this Gravy is a best combo to reduce bad Cholesterol in a healthy and delicious way.

Cures thyroid

Take 100 grams of horse Gram and dip it in a bowl mixed with 100 ml of Malabar Spinach and 100 ml of ginger juice.  Dry the grams and grind it.  In a vessel, put 2 tsp of this dried powder pour one cup of water and stir it.  Add small Onions with porridge.  Drink this to fast heal from thyroid.
Weight gain recipe

In a Malabar spinach juice add black Urad and leave it till the juice is fully absorbed by the dhal and dry it.  Grind the mixture and add 2 tsp with water to make porridge.  This recipe increases weight.

A relief from urinary problems

Barley is used for curing urinary tract diseases.  It is mixed with the same quantity of cummin seeds in a Malabar spinach juice and allow it observe the full content. Now, grind the dried powder under the sun.  Take 1 tsp of this powder to make concotion.  Drink it and get rid of this disease.

A medicine for vomiting and hiccups

Take the ash of peacock feather in a bowl and pour the portulaca quadrifida juice to form a liquid paste.  Apply the paste on the tongue and taste it.  This paste helps in stopping the hiccups and vomiting.

Increases Appetite and reduces bile

Take 2g of powder made of dried amla and fennel seeds soaked in pasalai keerai juice and grinded after drying under the sun.  This powder is mixed with water and drink it early in the morning to increase Appetite and reduce bile issues.

Melts Kidney stones and kidney related diseases

In a siru pasalai keerai juice soak the Sirunerunjanmul and dry it.  Take mixture and pour it in cow's and boil it.  Dry the mixture and grind it.  Two grams of this powder early in the morning and evening helps to melt Kidney stones and maintain a normal function of kidneys.

 Kodi pasalai keerai (Basella Alba)

There are two varities of Basella alba, one is with white stem and the other one is either dark pink or red in colour stem. It is a creeper one where it grows and spreads on the rope.  It is a Coolant and stomachic.  It prevents Diseases caused by inflammation like diarrhea, Stomach pain etc.

Other Languages

Botanical name : Basella Alba
English : Malabar Spinach, Ceylon spinach, vine spinach, creeping Spinach, red vine spinach, climbing spinach, buffalo spinach.
Telugu : Bachhali
Tamil. : Kodi pasalai
Marathi : Mayalu
Oriya : Poi saaga
Kannada : Basale soppu
Hindi : Poi
Bengali : Pui shak
Gujarati : Poi ni bhaji

Health benefits

Constipation and diarrhea

The sweet taste and coolant properties prevents hard stools and diarrhea.  Constipation caused by body heat is also reduced.  It can be cooked like other spinach varieties.

Strengthen nerves

Abundant water content, vitamin A,B, C, calcium, phosphorus and iron makes the nervous system healthier and promotes normal function of nervous system.

Enhances bladder function

It helps to get relief from burning sensation while passing urine, urine problems by supporting the bladder to function in a normal way.  Sugar with Kodi pasalai keerai juice is a medicine for the above diseases and body heat.

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