Health benefits of tamarind leaves, tamarind seeds and juice

Why tamarind is added in daily cooking dishes?

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Tamarind is considered as a medicinal plant because of its huge health benefits. The leaves, shell, seed and the skin of the seeds are part of the medicines prepared in ayurveda.

 The botanical name of tamarind is tamarindus indica.  It's also called as sukra, Indian date as well.  The tamarind grows about eight feet in height with breakable shell and a seed packed inside the thin skin.  It anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and anti biotic properties.

Aspirin tablet is prescribed to the heart patients to maitain the liquid level in the blood.  If the blood gets thick then the blood circulation will not be normal.  Tamarind helps to maintain the consistency of the blood.

Bile is the main reason behind the presence of appetite.  Loss of bile leads to loss of appetite.  It helps to secrete the bile in our body to raise the hungry level.

Every south Indian dish has either the paste or essence of tamarind in their daily food for proper digestion.

It prevents heart attack and cardiac related diseases.  Improves immunity.  It stops bleeding from gums, tooth, and bleeding due to sprain and scratches.

Sukkra, Puli in Tamil, and amli are the other names of tamarind.

Magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium are rich minerals found in this plant and fruit.  these minerals and other nutrients helps to prevent colon cancer, reduces bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

Tamarind leaves as medicine

Tartic acid in the sukra makes the leaves tastes sour and little bit of sweetness.  The leaves should be washed and leave it for few minutes.

Apply the castor oil on the swelling area of the any part of the body and stick the leaves on it.  After two hours remove the leaves and wash it with lukeworm water.  You will observe that swelling has been reduced after this method.

Deficiency of vitamin C leads to bleeding in gum problems.  Chew the leaves to stop gum bleeding within few minutes.  For gum swelling, scratch the paste of fully boiled tamarind with salt and see the magic That you will search for it.

 It has a sceptic and anti scarbatic properties.

Soar throat, wounds cleanser solution

 Take the leaves and grind it as a paste and add it in a boiled water.  Wait till the water gets the bubbles and filter the leaves.  Take the juice and gorgle it to Stop bad breath, teeth and gum bleeding and soar throat.

Wash the wounds with this water to arrest bleeding.

Sukkra seeds

Seed of the fruit helps to increase weight.  Skin of the seed controls bleeding when it is placed on the affected area.  The white vaginal discharge is arrested after eating the boiled seed of ambuli.  The shell of sukkra reduces body heat.  Drink the water that has been stored inside the shell to reduce body heat.

 Carminative or in simple language, it prevents and cures acidity and other gas related problems.

A healthy and tasty tamarind drink

Soak old sukkra in a water for few minutes.  Take 10 ml of sukkra water and add 2 pieces of palm sugar with cold water. Have the drink feel yourself cool inside and outside the body.  It energizes the body parts and relieves from all kinds of urine related problems.

Paste for swelling and sprain

Boil the tamarind for 30 min with salt.  Make sure that it forms like a paste and leave it till it gets cooled down.  Thin applications of this paste on the sprain or sweeping in any parts of the body helps in better recovery.  Use lukewarm water to remove the dried paste after 30 minutes.

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