Health benefits of Indian Coral tree /Erythrina variegata / Kalyana murungai


The Ayurvedic properties of Indian Coral tree are kabham, diuretic, laxative and vadham. The light property, pungent and bitter taste with body heat raising components make kalyana murungai more special.  This variety has more than 100 species in the sub tropical and tropical regions all over the world.  A   moist soil is more than enough to grow this tree.  The bark of the tree raises the tree from the soil instead of seeds.  The unique properties of converting Nitrogen in the form that are observed by the coffee plants for good growth compels a coffee grown farmer to plant these trees along the sides of Coffee Crops for good shade.


English.                     :  Indian Coral Tree, Tiger's claw
Botanical name       : Erythrina Variegata
Kannada                   : Bili Vaarjipe
Malayalam.               : Mullumuruku
Sanskrit.                    : Paribadra
Tulu.                           : Pongare
Tamil.                         : Kalyana Murungai


A rich source of rare Vitamins and minerals with Iron, Calcium and fiber enhances in strengthening bones, proper function of digestive and kidney daily routine work.


The juice of Pongare helps to relieve ear ache and ear pusdischarge.  A few drops of this juice was poured inside the ear and leave it for few minutes to get instant relief.

It treats skin infection, skin disorders, irritation and redness by applying the juice of leaves mixed with black cummin seeds and another one is apply the juice of leaves with turmeric on the affected area while taking bath.

To get cure from Cough and cold, chew the leaves with three or four pepper in the morning in an empty stomach for good natural remedy.

It works as a Anemia medicine by using the leaves of drumstick and Kalyana Murungai with garlic and pepper in boiled stage and eat it for high RBC cells production. This medicine naturally treats blood related disorders.

To heal the swelling, fry the leaves in Luke worm temperature and tie it on the affected area for a few days for good results without side effects.

A stomach burning sensation can be cured by adding 10 grams of bark with more than 90 and less than 120 ml of milk. Taking 20ml per hour leads to fast and safe healing.

Digestive disorders, erectile dysfunction, loss of appetite, constipation, and sleepless nights are the common problems that affects most of the people across the world.  These diseases and illness are healed by Mullumuruku.


The flowers of this variety is used as a medicine for fertility related problems in women.

The bark is used to cure bile related issues, fever, kills worms in the stomach, respiratory problems, Vision care linked issues, snake bite and stomach pain.

The Leaves of the kalyana murungai are either crushed or juiced to eradicate menstrual problems, mother's milk secretion, dysentery, diuretic and joint pain.

The seeds are powdered to mingle with medicines related to laxative medicines, worm infestation, and swelling.

Inflammation is effectively controlled by Kalyana murungai.  It has unique properties that fight against diseases like diabetes, BP, Heart related problems and nerves issues.

Weight cautious people add this variety in their diet for weight reduction purposes.

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