Spinach varieties with health benefits

Hummingbird tree leaves or August tree leaves Laxative, coolant, antidote Burning sensation, constipation, bone stregth, Arthritis, mother's milk secretion, cures poisonous sting's,Strengthen nerves.
Drumstick leaves Diuretic, Emmena figure, Anti spasmodic, Coolant, Expectorant and Stimulant. Joint pain, respiratory diseases like Cold, cough, Urinary infection, cardiac diseases, Blood pressure, Burning sensation, vision disorders, Anemia , Dandruff, constipation and Mensuration disorders.
Mustard Greens Laxative Indigestion, stomach problems,Joint pain, Viral infection, neural tube defects in new born, Constipation, hemorrhoids, Alzheimer's disease, Cancers like Colon, Prostrate, breast, and Ovarian cancer,Healthy black hair.
Amaranth Aristis or tropical Amaranth Aphrodisiac, Stimulant Gasteric diseases, Fever, Diseases related to lungs, Cold, Cough, Dental issues, purification of blood, Constipation and hair growth.
Purple Amaranth or mulai keerai Febrifuge, Stomactic Increases Appetite, Fever, Improves Vision, strengthen body, bone health, Cough, Piles, Hemorrhoids, Increases height in children, giddiness, gut cancer and Urinary problems.
Curry Leaves Tonic, Stomactic Fever, bile connected diseases, tasteless feeling, Headache, Diabetes, Digestion problems, strong and healthy hair, gasteric problems, Constipation and optical problems.
Chicory leaves ------- Strong and healthy body, Stimulates energy levels, Kidney stones, and weight loss

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