Amazing health benefits of neem leaves

Neem leaves

The botanical name of neem leaf is Azadirachta indica.  This leaves is comparitively equal to a heap doctor staying at home to cure rare and common problems.  The baby neem leaves has Vitamin A, Iron, Calcium and protein in abundant quantities.  It is commonly used to prepare as a medicine for babies to cure illness caused by phelgm. 

Health benefits

Kills Poisonous germs

Naturally, neem are used to keep the insects away.  The aroma of the neem prevents insects entering into the content stored in the box.  Likewise, grinding the leaves and adding into the diet helps in killing the germs stored inside the body.

Purifies blood and cures menstrual Stomach pain

Neem filter the unwanted materials stored in the Blood and purifies it for proper blood circulation to heart, brain and other body parts.  The Stomach ache during periods is really unbearable.  This pain can be cured by eating the asoefitida with baby neem leaves grinded paste in an empty stomach.

Indigestion and irritation on skin

It heals indigestion and aids in proper function of digestion.  After Chickenpox, this is a round small marks spotted all over the body with irritation, itching and burning sensation.  To heal this, apply fresh neem paste on the affected areas.

Medicine for babies

Take one pepper, cummin seeds, Garlic and asoefitida in a bowl filled with baby neem leaves.  This concotion tastes very bitter for babies to taste and sweet in the body to cure cold.

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